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Critiquing a Research Article

Critiquing a research article requires thorough reading and reflection. In an article critique, you must find strengths and weaknesses of a research paper and evaluate how well the author understands the references. Basically, a critique is an evaluation of the effectiveness and legitimacy of the claims and ideas in a piece of work.

Critiquing a Research Article
Critiquing a Research Article

Writing a critique paper requires critical thinking. The goal of every research paper writer is to persuade the reader of how correct their ideas are. As such, the best way to differentiate strong arguments from weak ones is to conduct research and have the right means to discern facts and fiction; you must have strong critical thinking skills. If you do not trust your critical thinking skills, you can always ask for help from article critique writing services providers

Writing a critique paper/article

In this blog post, we will have a step-by-step discussion of how to write an article critique. It is important to note that the objective of writing an article critique is to determine whether the research paper in question is valid or invalid, more like a persuasive essay. However, the structure of an article critique is quite different. 

Step 1 – Reading the research paper/ article

You need to read the paper several times to ensure that you understand the information presented. Reading the article will help you determine of the writer is knowledgeable on the subject. Find out what field experts say about the article and author. 

Determine the message that the author is communicating. Are the ideas specific or are they general phrases? Also, figure out who the target audience is. Is it a specific group or a general audience? Determine if the language used is appropriate. What about the sources used? Are they credible? Determine if the author arrived at a clear and logical outcome. 

Step 2 – Gathering proof

After understanding the research paper, look at it critically and reflect upon the ideas. Once you decide the direction you will take in critiquing the article, it is time to gather evidence. 

Determine if the author has followed logical thinking. Most times, when an author is not well educated, they tend to follow common logic without supporting evidence. Arguments that are not backed up by any proof demonstrate incompetence. Be on the lookout for such arguments.

Pay attention to how the author interprets data from other researchers. Evaluate the paper to see if the author is bias. Researchers tend to study subjects they are passionate about, and that can lead to bias opinions. Arguments should be supported by evidence, not personal opinions or outcomes.

How to critique a research paper by Naija Dentist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4h7ovm1FK0&ab_channel=DrB-NaijaDentist

When writing an article critique for a science paper, it is important to question the methodology. Evaluate the method used to conduct the research and determine it was an appropriate and effective method. 

  • You may ask these guiding questions:
  • How is the research design? Does it have errors?
  • Does the research paper describe the research methods?
  • Was the control group appropriate?
  • Are there statistical errors?
  • Can the experiment be recreated?
  • What is the significance of the study?

Formatting an article critique article

Just like any other academic paper, an article critique should be properly formatted. If you are having a hard time writing your essay, seek the help of article critique services providers.

A standard format of an article critique includes four parts: 

  1. Introduction – Includes the name of the author, title of the paper, key argument of the author, and your thesis statement, which gives the direction of the critique.
  2. Summary – Summarize the article by presenting the main ideas, arguments, and conclusion.
  3. Critique – Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. Highlight educated opinions, with supporting evidence, that show the accuracy of your critique.
  4. Conclusion – Include the key points and show the relevance or irrelevance of the study. 
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