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How to structure a research paper

A research paper is an academic document that analyzes and interprets arguments based on in depth studies. College students are often required to write these kinds of papers. It is therefore critical for you to learn how to write a research paper. Unlike essays, research papers are longer, detailed, and test scholarly skills. You must demonstrate knowledge of the subject you are researching by engaging different sources and making original contribution to the study. 

Understanding instructions

Understanding the assignment is very important; before you begin to write make sure that you read the task sheet

  • Identify any confusing information that you might need to clarify with your professor
  • Identify the objectives, deadline, formatting style, length, and submission process. 
  • Make a list of the key requirements and cross off each as you accomplish them
How to structure a research paper
How to structure a research paper

Choosing a research paper topic

You can generate research title ideas by brainstorming with other students, picking a topic that interests you, or talking with your professor. Another way of coming up with a research topic is drawing inspiration from other studies. The discussion in research papers often have ideas for other topics that may need further examination. Avoid talking about broad subjects; narrow down to a specific topic that is interesting and meets your assignment requirements.

If you are having a challenge with picking a research topic, you can always get cheap research paper help from online tutors. These tutors will brainstorm with you and offer you interesting and viable research titles.  

Preliminary research

Take note of important discussions regarding the topic and pick an issue that you can focus on. Use different sources such as journals, books, and credible websites.  Look into sources that do not agree with you point of view. 

  • Are there interesting debates you can investigate?
  • Do you have a different view on your topic?
  • Are there recent studies that add to the existing knowledge?

This would be a good stage to think about the research problem or research question. 

Research Paper Structure

A research paper typically contains a title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion or conclusion, and reference page. Some may have figures and tables and some appendices. 

  • Title page – A research title page is usually the first page. It states the title of the paper, and the author. If it is an APA research paper, it may include the university affiliation and have a running head.
  • Abstract – An abstract gives an overview of the research. It is usually about a page long.
  • Introduction – The research paper intro is the first major section. It describes the research topic, summarizes prior research, states the research question, and thesis statement
  • Methodology – In this section you will give details of how you did your research. Describe the participants, subjects, study design, and procedure. The methodology section should be detailed enough for another scholar to duplicate your study. 
  • Results – what information was gathered from your research? remember to include statistical data. 
  • Discussion / Conclusion – Summarize the results and explain how they address the research question. Describe the significance of the findings. You may also include limitations and recommendations for future studies. 
  • References – List down all the sources used. Remember to follow the recommended writing style; if you are writing an APA research paper, follow the correct format. If your formatting skills are questionable, you can always get assignment help online. There are many professional writers online who offer formatting services. 
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