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How to structure a thesis

Writing a thesis can be overwhelming. Students have so many uncertainties in the beginning. How do you begin to write a thesis? What is the correct structure? What information should be included in each chapter? Different colleges have different requirements for a thesis structure. Therefore, the first thing you should do is ask your professor for the requirements of your college. However, there is a basic structure of a thesis.

How to structure a thesis
How to structure a thesis

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Structuring a master's or bachelors thesis paper
Structuring a master’s or bachelors thesis paper

Structuring a bachelor’s or a master’s Thesis Paper

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here are the tips on how to structure your thesis paper.

  1. Abstract

    The abstract page comes after the title and acknowledgement pages. The abstract is an overview of your thesis and is usually short; it presents all the major parts of your work. You should write it last after you have completed your paper.

  2. Introduction

    The introduction explains what the thesis is about. In the introduction you should describe the topic of discussion; what is being studied, why are you interested in the topic, and why it matters in real life. You should also describe how you will carry out research to reach your goal. You should put your research question and thesis statement in the introduction. Once you complete your thesis, it is important that you read your introduction again and confirm that it is consistent with your body and conclusion.

  3. Dissertation literature review

    A dissertation literature review is an evaluation of previous works. The literature review discusses the gaps in previous works, and how your thesis will address them. Include different sources in the literature review and organize your work in a structured manner.

  4. Methods

    The thesis methodology chapter outlines the methods you will use in your research. You should give reasons for choosing that methodology; show why your choice is appropriate in answering the research question. Show the disadvantages of the method chosen, and how you have curbed them.

  5. Results

    This part of the thesis shows the information you collected regarding your research question. In this chapter you will outline the facts without in-depth discussions because further analysis of the findings will be outlined in the discussion chapter. It is advisable to include graphs and tables because it helps the reader visualize the results, making it easy to analyze the data.

  6. Discussion

    In the discussion chapter, you will outline your understanding and interpretation of the information you gathered. You will analyze the results and discuss their meaning. A good discussion chapter shows that you understand your findings and their significance. Outline the limitations of your studies, and any gaps in your research.

  7. Conclusion

    This is a very important part of your thesis. Here, you will show that your research goals have been reached, and how you have contributed to expanding knowledge on the topic of discussion. You should also outline the challenges and limitations of your research. Talk about the important discoveries you have made and make suggestions for future studies. 
    When writing the conclusion, ensure that you answer all the research questions clearly and precisely. The conclusion should harmonize the whole thesis by clearly demonstrating your research, results, and learnings.

Structure of a bachelor or a master’s thesis

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