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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

An important part of learning how to write a research paper is understanding how to write a conclusion. When writing a conclusion for a research paper, there are some general rules that you must follow. Use simple, clear language, and do not restate your results or discussion. Indicate openings that future researchers may investigate if you have not done so in the discussion. 

The function of a conclusion for a research paper is to reiterate the main arguments and the supporting information. However, ensure that you do not summarize your findings; that will weaken the impact of the arguments discussed in the body of your paper. 

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper
How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

For the conclusion to be appropriate, you must summarize and simplify all the complex arguments. When writing the discussion in research paper, you may have missed some points like explaining the implications of your findings; use the conclusion to describe the significance of your study. In the conclusion, you must harmonize the introduction and the body; refer to the introduction within the context of the data collected. It is important to restate the research questions persuasively but briefly now that the reader has all the necessary information. Depending on the topic you are discussing, and the instructions given by your professor, you may include your personal reflections.

How to develop a compelling conclusion

You do not want to merely summarize the key arguments of your research paper.  Warn the readers of the potential consequences of not attending to the problems discussed and recommend specific courses of action. Cite relevant and authoritative text that support your conclusion. You can get citations from the literature review. Restate facts and statistics that drive your point home. If your course or professor encourages personal thoughts, your concluding statement can be a narrative derived from personal experience. 

In the conclusion for a research paper, you must avoid.

  1. Not being concise

When learning how to write a research paper, you will discover that the conclusion ought to be short and straight to the point. Long conclusions often have unnecessary information. Do not include information about methodology or results. Although you should summarize the lessons learnt from your study, more emphasis should be laid on the significance, evaluations, and insights.

  1. Not commenting on larger and more significant issues

The introduction gives general information. However, when writing the discussion in research paper you must be specific, then move back to general in the conclusion. In your conclusion you must demonstrate how your research fills in a gap; where does your study fit in within the bigger picture. 

  1. Not revealing problems

When writing a conclusion for a research paper do not ignore the negative aspects experienced when conducting the study. The challenges experienced should justify your conclusion. Negative aspects provide an opportunity to provide information on which future studies can be based. 

  1. Not including a summary of what was learnt

A summary of what was learnt harmonizes the research questions and the findings. Also, the summary demonstrates how your study fits into your field of study. 

  1. Not matching the objectives of your research

Many times, the research objectives change while carrying out the research. Remember to redefine your research objectives in the introduction; accurately document what you are trying to achieve in your study. 

  1. Apologizing

Do not apologize. When studying a research problem, you will discover a lot of information. You may discover even more than the professor knows. However, you may have some doubts about your work. Do not show doubts by writing statements such as, “There may be better approaches….”

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