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How To Write a Law Essay

Different institutions have different requirements regarding what makes an impeccable law essay. However, there are standard rules to follow for every law paper. In this article we will give you clear guidelines, step by step, that will help you write a first-class law essay.

How To Write a Law Essay
How To Write a Law Essay
  1. Start in good time

You should begin working on your law essay as soon as the professor gives you the requirements. Waiting to work on your essay at the last minute will stress you out, because you will not have enough time to research, write, and proofread your work.

  • Read and understand the instructions

Do not start writing or conducting research if you have not yet understood the instructions. Take time to deconstruct the instructions, interpreting them using simpler language. It is veery important that you look at the rubric because it will help you understand the parts of the questions that carry the most marks. If you do not understand the instructions, request your professor for further clarification.

  • Conducting research

After you understand the instructions, you can begin your research. This is a critical step in writing law papers. You must use resources that are reliable, relevant and up to date. If your sources are not credible, your chances of writing a first class law essay will be very low. The better your sources are the more marks you will attain. If possible, use primary sources instead of secondary ones.

You must never use outdated sources, blog posts from random people, or Wikipedia. Use peer reviewed journals, credible books, and information from law experts.

  • Planning

After researching, you will be clearer on the information you want to include in your law essay. Write down a plan of what you hope to achieve in each section of the essay. This will ensure that you will have a flow of ideas when writing the essay. Writing without a plan will get you mixed up and confused. Your essay must answer follow the instructions. Therefore, ensure that your law paper answers the questions without repeating ideas.

  • Write a good introduction

A good law essay introduction should give basic information about the research topic. Be careful as you write the introduction because you do not want to repeat the research question. In the introduction, you should let the reader know the approach you will use to answer the question. However, you must stay concise because you will give more detailed explanations in the body. A thesis statement is a very important part of the introduction.

  • Thesis statement

A thesis statement states your stand in regard to the research question. What is your opinion? What do you think about the subject of discussion? You must take a clear stand. However, do not have to take the obvious stand; you can be different. Remember that you must defend your stand in the body paragraphs of the essay. Therefore, take a stand you can argue for.

  • Include counter arguments

Having counter arguments in your law paper demonstrates that you understand the topic. Rebut the arguments by explaining why your arguments are better. If you explain both or several sides of the arguments, without showing why your ideas are better, you are basically randomly picking a side. Therefore, you must show the reader that your argument is the best and persuade them to take your side. The reader will not be persuaded if you do not show them why your arguments are better. 

  • Conclusion

Briefly restate the main ideas in your paper, then reaffirm your arguments. Ensure that your conclusion clearly asserts your stance.

  • Editing and proofreading

Editing your paper correctly is a very important part of law essay writing. If your professor asked you to write a law essay APA or law essay MLA, make sure that you format the paper accordingly. The title page, intext citations and reference page should be correct. Wrong formatting will have the professor thinking that you do not know what you are doing, even if your essay is impeccable.

Grammar errors are not acceptable, proofread your essay to ensure that it is free of errors. You can ask someone else to read through your essay just to be sure that it is free of errors, and that the ideas flow.

Plagiarism is a serious academic crime. You cannot copy other people’s work. If you pick a quote from a resource, ensure that you cite it correctly; both intext and in the references page. Please use plagiarism checking software to ensure that your paper is free of plagiarism. A plagiarized paper will earn you nothing.

  1. Submit your law essay on time – An essay submitted late is a s good as an essay not done. You cannot be late on delivery. Please make sure that you submit your essay on time. Late delivery will have you getting poor marks or none.
  2. Do not use sophisticated language – While using law jargons is good, do not use it unnecessarily. Be simple and direct. Your law paper should not be wordy.
  3. Have a vocabulary bank – One thing I see law essay expert writers doing is creating a vocabulary bank. Note down phrases and words used in books or by your professors. When its time to write an essay, you will have a wide range of vocabulary to use.
  4. Reward yourself – Rewarding yourself after working hard on your assignments will improve your attitude towards essay writing. Sleep, at, exercise, go out and have a good time, maybe even buy yourself something. Take breaks and try not to push yourself too hard. Enjoy the writing process.

Bonus Law Assignment Advice

There are several ways to write law assignments effectively. It is quite challenging for freshers to write law assignments appropriately because at first it law seems like a foreign language. Studying legal cases is a good idea because it gives students deep understanding of law as a subject. Well-read students acquire the needed skills to write law essays. Below are some tips that will help you write law papers effectively:

  1. Write in the format instructed – Law assignments have very specific instructions. Following the instructions makes your work easier, and helps you avoid wasting time. Only include the relevant information in your paper.
  2. Relate the question with applicable laws and acts – Effective writing requires you to demonstrate mastery of laws and acts. Therefore, you need to research and familiarize yourself with the laws and acts governing the research question.
  3. Give examples of previous cases – It is critical to use practical examples. Relate your subject with other similar cases and draw arguments.
  4. Develop a writing strategy – when you read and understand the instructions, develop an answering strategy. You can divide the paper into several sections and work on each at a time.
  5. The introduction and conclusion are critical parts of your law essay. Ensure that you write an introduction that captures the attention of the reader, and a conclusion that sums up the main ideas in the paper and reaffirms your sentiments.

How To Write a Law Essay FAQ

How does one write a first class law essay?

To write a first class law essay you must prepare well. Start working on the assignment as soon as you receive the instructions from the professor. Read and understand the instructions; if you do not understand any part of the instructions, ask for clarification from your instructor. After understanding the instructions, begin research. Keep the research question in mind as you conduct the research. Make sure that you use only credible sources. After thorough research begin writing your law paper. An essay has three parts; introduction, body and conclusion. State your thesis in the introduction and support your stance in the body.

How does one write a law essay introduction?

To write a good essay introduction you must first read and understand the requirements. After understanding what is needed, conduct a research and get all the information you need for your paper. Practice critical thinking and note taking as you conduct the research. The introduction of a law essay should give basic information about the subject in question. Also, in the introduction you should let the reader know how you are going to answer the question. The introduction should be concise and not detailed; you will give details in the body. You must give a thesis statement in your introduction. A thesis statement states your stance regarding the subject in question. Your thesis cannot be blurred; it must be clear. You must support your thesis statement in the body of the paper.

How does one write a law essay conclusion?

The conclusion should briefly restate the main ideas in the law paper, and then reaffirm your stance; reaffirm your thesis statement.

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