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How to Write a Law Report

Law reports, also called law memorandums, are quite challenging to write. Students faced with these kinds of assignments often seek law paper help from online tutors. Writing a law report requires you to have vast legal expertise, and in depth understanding of the court or civil case in question. Knowing how to write a legal brief is not enough; you must present relevant facts for both parties and be case specific.

One important aspect to keep in mind when writing law papers is the different legal systems in different countries. When dealing with international disputes, you need to conduct lots of research and gather knowledge on the law requirements of the targeted countries.

How to Write a Law Report
How to Write a Law Report

Sometimes you may need to translate and transcribe legal reports, and that would require you to seek translation services. Your legal report should have segments with a framework for the arguments; this structure is consistent for all cases. 

Law Report Language and Structure

When writing law papers, simplicity is superior to complexity. Law reports should simply examine a specific issue and accompany it with supporting evidence. The first step would be outlining the key points you intend to cover in your report. Looking at similar past legal reports is a good idea because you will get a sense of how to present your work. 

Law Report Body

The body of your law paper will include a summary of claims, facts, and evidence. The goal of this segment is to present an objective and unbiased account of all the parties involved. As such, your thoughts and opinions should not be included, just facts.


After outlining all the key points, the next step is writing them. Ensure that you write clearly, and on a white space. The reader should be able to read what you have written without getting distracted. There are no rules on how your report should be formatted. However, it should have a clear layout and adequate spacing. 

Note that you do not need to document your sources because nobody will care about who wrote the law report. However, your information needs to be relevant. A good law report is composed of five sections

  1. Question presented – Question presented has nothing to do with the specifics of the conflict between the two parties. It is a presentation of articles and sections of the law that will be used to make the final decision. A law report is not an argument for or against any of the involved parties, it reflects the law
  2. Short answer – This section involves answering the question clearly and concisely. Your answers must be founded on the law and not personal opinion. 
  3. Statement of the Facts – This is where you get into the details of the conflict. As such, you are allowed to present the case from your client’s perspective. However, you must maintain a neutral language. 
  4. Discussion and Conclusion – In this section, facts and law are applied to formulate a resolution. Include legal arguments to support your case. The conclusion should be a short paragraph stating the outcome of the case. 

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