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How To Write a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is no easy task, and neither is writing other academic papers. You need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to your assignments, and even then, you must constantly practice and seek guidance in order to perfect your craft.

This article will give you detailed guidelines on how to write a term paper. Additionally, the article will outline the structure of a term paper. After you read this article, you will be a fairly good custom term paper writer.

How To Write a Term Paper
How To Write a Term Paper

What is a Term Paper?

A term paper is a form of academic paper that is either a report or a research paper. Usually, professors ask students to write a term paper at the end of the semester. The term paper will determine your final grade. Your professor will gauge your mastery of the subject through a term paper. Therefore, you must demonstrate what you have learned throughout the term and show your professor that you have not been wasting time in class.

Different courses have different writing requirements. In this guide we will describe the standard way of writing a term paper.

Standard Term Paper Format

Before you even begin writing a term paper, you must first master the proper term paper structure.

Structure means everything. If your professor looks at your structure and it is all wrong, they will immediately have a negative impression of your work. The professor will think that you do not know what you are doing, and even if your content is good, you are not likely to score a high grade. Also, a proper structure will help you organize your work so that you do not lose important information. Below is the standard format of a term paper

Title Page – The title page includes your name, course and code, professor’s name and code. The title page should adhere to the academic format you are instructed to use; APA, MLA or any other format.

Abstract (Optional) – The abstract is a summary of the ideas in your paper; here you highlight your findings as explained further in your paper.

Table of Contents – the table of contents helps the leader know what to find where. It contains your headings and the pages they are found in.

Introduction – This is the first paragraph of the paper. It introduces the topic of discussion to your reader. The introduction gives basic information about the topic.

Body – The body contains different sections depending on the topic of discussion. The body should flow logically.

Conclusion – this is the last part of a term paper. It gives a sum up of the paper. In the conclusion, you need to reaffirm the findings, their relevance.

References – You should list all the references used in writing the paper. Again, use the format instructed by your professor, APA, MLA, or any other format.

Appendix (Optional) – The appendix is optional and should include information that could be distracting if placed in the body of the paper. In the appendix, you can place tables, images, graphs, or any other documents.

Preparing to Write a Term Paper

To write a great term paper, you need to prepare well. A term paper is longer than an essay or research paper. As such, you need to plan before you begin writing it.

  1. Read the instructions

To understand the requirements of an assignment, you must read the instructions carefully. As you read the instructions, underline the key phrases; analyze, discuss, compare, etc.

Rewrite the requirements using your own words; this will help you understand the instructions better. It is advisable to print the requirements and look at them on paper.

Write down the questions that should be answered in the paper.

  1. Conduct research

You should conduct research to find credible information about the topic. While conducting research make sure to practice active reading, critical thinking, and taking notes. When doing research keep the topic or sole question in mind.  Evaluate which sources help to answer your question and decide what sources to use.

Take notes as you read and highlight key points that you could quote in your paper. Remember to intext cite the quotes.

  1. Make an outline

Create a plan and give titles to each part of the paper. You can add a sentence or two for each title in the outline, that will make writing easier.

  1. Create a calendar

Divide the work into different parts and get ample time to write the term paper. Researching and writing may take more than just one night. Therefore, you must plan accordingly for the same.

How do you decide on sources?

The sources are extremely important because they form the foundation of the paper. Without credible sources, you cannot write a good paper. There are many information sources on the internet and in libraries. However, not all sources are good. How can you determine if a source is reliable? You must use critical thinking when analyzing sources. Some of the factors to consider include:

  1. Design of the source – Does it look professional?
  2. Date of publication – Is the source relevant?
  3. Author – How credible is the author? What are their credentials?
  4. Quality of information – How clear is the information? Is there data evidence in the source?
  5. Relevance – Is the information available relevant to your topic of discussion?
  6. Objectivity – is the source objective or bias? Was it created for education purposes or other purposes such as sell a product or push an agenda?
  7. Style of writing – A source should be free of grammatical errors and typos.

Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Unreliable sources – all your references must be professional and reputable.
  • Plagiarism – Do not copy paste information from your sources. Use the sources to build your own opinions. If you pick quotes, ensure that you cite them correctly; both intext and on the bibliography page.
  • Unsupported statements – Always support your statements by citing them correctly or stating your findings.
  • Do not repeat ideas or use passive voice – Text should be objective and accurate.
  • Not proofreading your work – Failure to edit and proofread your term paper could lead to lots of errors. You can ask a friend to go through the paper for you.

Term Paper Writing FAQ

How does one write a term paper?

A term paper has different sections. However, a standard term paper should have a title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and references. Make sure that your conduct in-depth research and use only credible sources when writing your term paper.

How many references should a term paper have?

A term paper should have at least five references. However, the references should not be more than ten. Make sure that you use credible sources.

How long should a term paper be?

On average, a decent term paper should have five to seven pages. In the term paper you should capture all the relevant information answering the question or pertaining the topic.

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