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How to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement sums up your central point. It is usually the last sentence of the introduction paragraph in your research paper. Thesis statements are different depending on the type of essay you are writing. However, the statement should always state your main idea. Every part of your essay relates back to your thesis statement. The thesis statement tells the reader what your argument is. A good thesis statement should be:

  1. Brief: A thesis statement should be short and concise; it should not be more than two sentences.
  2. Contentious:  Your thesis statement shouldn’t be a fact or common knowledge. It should provoke thought, call for analysis and evidence to validate it.
  3. Articulate: Ensure that you can eloquently support your claims.
How to write a thesis statement
How to write a thesis statement

Write a Thesis Statement

Step 1: Question

Think of a thesis statement soon after picking a topic. coming up with a thesis statement early on in your work gives your research paper direction and structure. Your professor might provide a question in the assignment, but if not, you ought to come up with one. For example, you may ask, “Does social media impact mental health?

Step 2: Answer

After conducting research, you will come up with an answer. The answer will guide your research and writing process. For example, based on your research you may conclude that social media has a negative impact on mental health.

Step 3: Develop your answer

You need to support your answer and convince the reader to agree with you. As you conduct further research and continue writing, your answer should get more detailed.  In your essay, your thesis statement should state your position and the key points you will use to support it.

Step 4: Polish your thesis statement

A good thesis statement should demonstrate why you take a certain position, what can be learnt from your research paper, and the arguments that support your thesis statement. Your final thesis statement should not just state your stance but summarize the arguments you will expound on.

Although you may not realize it, most essays can be condensed into one or two sentences; these sentences are basically the thesis statement. A thesis is important because it tests ideas, helps to organize and develop arguments, and provides readers with a guide to your argument. A thesis is the subject that your paper explores. 

Although your assignment may not have a question, your thesis needs to answer a question about the topic you choose to explore. You should take a stand that some people may disagree with. Explore one main idea and assert it in your conclusion.

Qualities of a good thesis statement

There are a few things to consider when writing a thesis statement like length, position, and strength. The length of a thesis statement depends on the number of points mentioned. However, it should be just one sentence. The sentence should contain an independent and a dependent clause. The independent clause states the opinion and the dependent clause the reasons. 

A thesis statement should be positioned at the beginning of an essay. The rule is that the thesis statement should be within the last two sentences of the first paragraph. A strong thesis should be arguable; it should not be a statement that everyone agrees with.

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