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How to write a thesis summary

A thesis summary is a condensed version of the full paper. It outlines the major elements of the thesis.

The abstract and the summary are similar and serve the same purpose; they highlight the main points of the thesis. Therefore, the reader can understand what the thesis is about by just reading the analysis. 

When writing a thesis summary, you should condense the main points. Therefore, a good summary should include the main points. A few supporting points may be included. Many students confuse a thesis summary with an analysis. An analysis discusses research findings and their meanings.

In a master’s thesis analysis or a PhD dissertation, you should include a title that is the same as that of the paper. Explain the topic and purpose of your thesis, research methods, results, recommendations, and conclusion. Before you write your summary, read the thesis, and establish the major and minor points, and then summarize them. 

When writing an executive summary of a short master’s thesis, you should summarize the whole text into a single sentence then summarize every paragraph into a single sentence. Write a paragraph beginning with the sentence that summarizes the whole paper, then the sentences that summarize each paragraph.

Rearrange your sentences so that they are clear and concise. Eliminate ant repetitive points.

How to write a thesis summary
How to write a thesis summary

Writing the executive summary of a long PhD thesis may take quite some time, because you have to read and understand the paper before summarizing it. Break down the thesis into major sections, grouping together paragraphs that focus on similar topics. Write a sentence summarizing every section and compose a sentence that summarizes the whole thesis. Write a paragraph that begins with the sentence that summarizes the whole text, then follow with sentences that summarize each section. Rearrange the sentences making sure that they are clear and concise. 

Qualities of a Good Thesis Summary

These are the qualities you should look for in a thesis summary:

  1. Comprehensive – A good summary should have all the important points picked from the original passage and included in the summary. These ideas are critical to the development of the thesis.
  2. Concise – The summary should not have repetitions. A brief overview of the paper should be provided. You must avoid repetition of main points or the supporting ideas. 
  3. Coherence – The summary should make sense. It should not be a group of sentences that do not relate to each other or flow. 
  4. Independence – Do not copy the thesis paper. Instead, pick the ideas and write them in your own style. Do not quote the main text, write what you understand in your own words. However, do not misinterpret the thesis.

Thesis statement.

A statement (Not a question) that gives the main idea or focus of an essay.



The thesis should feature the introduction, body, and conclusion of the thesis. Ensure that you outline the research questions, goals results, recommendations, and conclusion. Write the summary after completing the thesis. The main points of the thesis should guide you. Ensure that you proofread your work. A thesis/dissertation with errors will give a bad first impression of your work.

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