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How to Write an Abstract APA

APA format is used in writing most academic papers. The format is very specific about the layout and structure of academic essays, right from the title page to citations. The APA format is also very specific about the use and structure of an abstract. The abstract should give a brief but comprehensive overview of the research paper.

How to Write an Abstract APA
How to Write an Abstract APA

An abstract is often overlooked. However, it is a very important part of academic papers. It is a summary of your research paper, and it should be an accurate representation of what is in your paper. The abstract is a critical part of an APA research paper. By following a few guidelines, you will compose an excellent APA abstract. When written well, your abstract will draw the attention of readers, and they will know if the paper is of interest to them.

Basics of an APA Abstract

The abstract is usually the second page after the title page and before the introduction for a research paper page. It is a condensed version of the research paper. The objective of writing an abstract is to give a thorough summary of your paper. A person reading the abstract should quickly know what your paper is about and if it is worth reading. According to the official APA guidelines, an abstract should be concise but informative. Each sentence should be packed with information. When writing an APA abstract, focus on four or five key concepts. 

An abstract should be unbiased and accurate. The objective is to give the research report, not opinions. Only include accurate reflections as represented in the body of your paper. Sometimes students have a hard time writing an abstract. However, you do not have to worry because you can buy cheap research paper help from an online tutor. There are many tutors online who offer help with research papers. 

How to write an APA Abstract

Although an abstract is at the beginning of your research paper, it is written last. Your complete paper will be the guide to writing your abstract

  1. Write your abstract on a new page – In the header, place your running head on the left-hand corner and page number 2 on the right-hand corner. 
  2. Observe word count – Your abstract should not be longer than a page, 275 words. The exact word count varies depending on the paper requirements, ask your professor for more clarification. The abstract is a single paragraph without indentation. 
  3. The abstract should have the structure of a research paper – Start with the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion. Each section should be a short summary. In the introduction, you can include a summary of the literature review
  4. Look at APA abstract examples in professional journals – Study how experienced researchers write abstracts. You can also ask for samples from professional writers who offer assignment help online. These writers are experienced in writing all kinds of research papers
  5. Write a draft – While your paper should be short, it must also be comprehensive. Write one or two sentences summarizing each part of your paper, then edit it to achieve the desired length. 
  6. Proofread – Once you are done writing, reread your abstract to ensure that it does not have any 
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