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How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper 

An introduction is an important part of a research paper because it leads the reader from a general subject to a specific research question. Writing introduction research shows the context of the study by describing the background information, importance of the study, research question, methodology, and the potential outcomes. A research paper introduction grabs the readers’ attention by setting the scene. A research paper writer must come up with an impressive thesis statement. The thesis for a research paper must be specific, arguable, and confident. An interesting introduction sets the tone for the rest of the paper.

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper 
How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper 

Failure to include an introduction, or including one that has been written poorly, will leave your readers confused. They will not know what the paper is about, or why you are conducting the study. Academic papers require order; without formats it would be very difficult to determine excellence. A research paper introduction is the backbone to your essay, and it must have some key elements, the hypothesis, hook, and thesis statement. The hypothesis demonstrates the argument that you want to prove or disapprove. State your hypothesis and show if you support or oppose it. After a writing a good introduction, you will utilize the discussion in research paper to explain your findings and use evidence for support. 

Introduction Paragraph

Whether you are writing a thesis for research paper, journal article, or a research article, the introduction paragraph must follow a standard outline.

  • The first sentence is a general sentence introducing the topic and background information.
  • The next couple of sentences should focus on the research question, and the thesis of the research paper.
  • The final sentences should state your thesis statement. Summarize the research paper in one sentence. 

The thesis should highlight the topic and research question. It must be straight to the point and memorable. Writing a research paper introduction can be challenging. It is okay to buy research paper help from professional writers; these are online tutors who offer assignment help to students who need it. 

Tips for writing a research introduction

Factoring in the importance of an introduction in a research paper, it is normal for students to worry about it. If you are facing challenges, below are a few tips

  • Be precise and concise – Do not include unnecessary information
  • Be careful with your words – Use catchy phrases to grab the attention of the reader and make your introduction engaging. Include interesting facts, unique information, evidence, or examples. 
  • Remember that the key arguments will be elaborated in the discussion in research paper, where you will report and analyze information that supports your thesis statement. 
  • The concluding thoughts of your introduction are starting point of your research paper.


These are the things to remember so that there can be a flow of ideas in your introduction

  1. Clearly identifying the area of interest – A good strategy would be to use the title key words in the first sentences of your introduction. This ensures that you do not lose focus. 
  2. Establish context – This can be derived from the literature review. Give a brief overview of the background information. This lays a foundation for understanding the research problem.
  3. State the hypothesis – Use statements such as, “The objective of this research was to…”
  4. Why did you choose your research design – it is important to show the rationale for your methodology.  This is usually in the final sentences of your introduction.  
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