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Writing an Article Critique

Article critique is a type of academic writing that involves critically evaluating and analyzing articles. Before you begin critiquing and article, you must give a summary. The objective of writing an article critique is to understand the key arguments of an article and evaluate its success by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses.

Writing an Article Critique
Writing an Article Critique

Just like other academic papers, an article critique must be written in formal language and format. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction you must include a thesis statement, which defines the direction of the critique. The body includes a summary of the article, and then the critique. The conclusion demonstrates the relevance or irrelevance of the article; you must present evidence-based arguments. 

Though the general structure of an article critique is similar, some formatting styles may have different requirements. Ensure that you seek clarification from your professor. If you are having a hard time with your paper, buy article critique services from professional writing experts; they are available online. 

To write a critique effectively, you must fully understand the article. The goals of writing an article critique are:

  • Describing the main arguments of the author
  • Analyzing each key argument and developing an explanation of the same
  • Interpreting the goal of the writer
  • Evaluating the significance of the article
  • Stating whether you approve or disapprove the article, using supporting evidence

Steps of writing an article critique

  1. Read the article and understand the kay ideas. If you do not understand it, reread it. 
  2. Once you understand the kay ideas, read the article again while taking notes. Take note of points that you could quote as supporting evidence in your discussion. 
  3. Using your notes, analyze the important points, giving your opinions and supporting evidence
  4. In the conclusion state whether you agree or disagree with the author, providing reasons and evidence. 

If you do not trust your article critiquing skills, you can always ask for assignment help services from online tutors. These professional writers will help you by writing an article critique sample that you can use as a guide to write your own paper.

Bonus Tips

  • An article critique does not just give negative feedback. A good article critique should include positive and negative criticism.
  • Reference your work appropriately to avoid plagiarism accusations. Remember to use the citation style approved by your professor.
  • Write in the third person.

Round Up

  1. Read the article over and over again until you understand what it is about
  2. After understanding the article, read it again taking note of the key arguments and their supporting information.
  3. Research the author’s credentials; what do experts in that field of study say about the author? Are there any biases tied to his viewpoint?
  4. Conduct research on the sources used to write the article. Are they credible sources? Are they scholarly?
  5. Write an introduction. It should include the name of author, title of article, and thesis statement for critique paper
  6.  Summarize the author’s goals, main arguments, and supporting evidence
  7. Evaluate the author’s main points and give your evidence-based opinions. Was an appropriate methodology used?
  8. Write a conclusion. Do you agree with the author? State your reasons and give supporting evidence
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